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Dear Suzan and Nina,

My dear daughter of 19 fell pregnant unexpectedly but ultimately, the child was wanted with all her heart.

At her 20-week ultrasound scan, during which I, as an expectant grandmother, tagged along, her daughter proved to have a rare and serious birth defect and, therefore, its chances of survival after birth were non-existent.

We were struck by intense sadness and she was immediately referred to the Radboud hospital in Nijmegen where, unfortunately, subsequent testing confirmed the diagnosis.

As my daughter had decided to keep her daughter Noor with her for a while to say goodbye, she was induced and gave birth at 22 weeks.

The delivery was powerful, beautiful and full of love and ultimately, Noor was born.

Just as her mother didn’t want to say goodbye to her, she didn’t want to leave her mother either and, against all odds, held on to life for 31 minutes.

This made it possible for Noor to be lovingly kissed and cuddled by her mother. There has been nothing in my life that has made more of an impression on me (as a grandmother) than that moment.

And then there was IMA, previously recommended by a specialist at the Radboud hospital.

Suzan and Nina had already met us before the birth, giving my daughter the opportunity to already discuss a lot at that early stage. Not only did they talk about how she wanted the farewell reception to be, where all options where on the table, they also talked about her grief and fear.

Suzan and Nina were always there for her, in the form of sweet and supportive messages in the specially created app, but also by telephone.

The farewell reception was so special and beautiful, exactly as my daughter had hoped for. Suzan truly did a tremendous job in the organisation thereof.

The pictures taken by Nina during the reception are extremely dear to us and when looking at these pictures you can sense, quite beautifully, the atmosphere that was there.

Thanks to the great support, love, respect and expertise of Suzan and Nina, my daughter was really looked after during this intensely sad period and I wish that every parent who has to say goodbye to their child could receive the support of IMA afscheidszorg.

My dear girls, you’re stars, thanks again!