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You have been looking forward to your child so much and now the welcome and farewell comes wrapped in one. It is a seemingly impossible task. We can help you through this process, by paying attention to saying goodbye but particularly also to welcoming and getting to know your baby. Your child is born and deserves its own place here. Together, we will find out the best way to go about this. You are leading therein; there are no obligations and (practically) everything is possible and allowed.

ima afscheidszorg arranges funerals for babies who have died on or around birth, regardless of the pregnancy term. Despite losing your baby, you are the mother of a newly born child. You have been through a pregnancy and a delivery. That requires special care.

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ima afscheidszorg employs 7 women from across the Netherlands who all have experience with the loss of a baby, each in their own way. We also have a partnership with Kitty van Dijk of Kleine Ster in Rotterdam.

We cover the provinces of North Holland, Utrecht, South Holland, Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland, Overijssel (west) and Flevoland. For the provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, you can contact Claudia Geenen of Kleur Kinderuitvaart.

Our telephone number (throughout the Netherlands) is 085 877 08 09.

This number is permanently forwarded to a mobile number, so we are always there for you, even at night-time, if it’s urgent.

We will contact your funeral insurance company. In most cases, the costs of the funeral are fully or partially reimbursed. We advise you to study the “rates” section and to carefully read the question about the costs under “frequently asked questions”, so as to prevent unpleasant surprises.