Baby Cooling

If you decide to take your child home, it is very important that you cool your child well. 

ima has a cooling system specially developed for babies. A pillow that is permanently filled with cold water is placed in the cot or basket, underneath your child. The water is kept at the right temperature by a pump.

The rent of the cooling system is € 350 (this includes installation and removal of the unit. It is not possible to install the cooling system yourself).

Freezer packs

Alternatively, you can opt to use domestic freezer packs. They come in different sizes. If you happen to have very large freezer packs, you can place your child on this. Make sure that your child does not come into direct contact with the freezer pack, because this may damage the skin. You can also choose to fill rubber water bottles with water and freeze them. Remember that the freezer packs do need to be replaced every 3 to 4 hours or so.