How much does a baby funeral cost?

It all depends on what you want. Possible costs include:

  • guidance by ima: Our starting rate is EUR 850, the hourly rate is EUR 90.
  • baby cooling: EUR 350 (including installation and removal costs). If you do not use any of the other services provided by ima, you can also hire the cooling. In that case, please contact us for the price.
  • mortuary
  • cemetery/crematorium (prices vary and can be found on the websites of the cemeteries and crematoriums)
  • children’s casket or basket
  • venue of the farewell reception
  • food and drink
  • flowers
  • balloons
  • professional photographer/videographer
  • combined birth announcement/mourning card
  • music

What’s included in the EUR 850 starting rate?

  • the first visit to establish your wishes and the associated costs (travel time and travel expenses)
  • legal formalities (with the exception of the registration)
  • application with the cemetery/crematorium
  • direct contact with the parents (telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp),
  • contact with cemeteries, crematoriums and family-members
  • contact with colleagues
  • after-care consultation
  • making and editing photos
  • travel expenses
  • administration

What’s not included in the EUR 850 starting rate?

  • visits after the first visit
  • arranging the farewell details
  • the funeral
  • condolence
  • arranging flowers
  • arranging music
  • arranging transportation
  • arranging combined birth announcement/mourning card
  • arranging balloons
  • the registration
  • all third-party costs such as the funeral venue, mortuary, basket/coffin, cooling, flowers, balloons, card, consumptions, professional photographer, etc.

What is the hourly rate ima charges?

EUR 90. This is the general rate used in the funeral industry. The hourly rate is based on the enormous responsibility that comes with the profession. We cannot make any mistakes and need to remain on continuous alert. After all, there are no second chances. We are available 24/7 and everything will have to be arranged within a few days.

Can I just hire the baby cooling and nothing else?

Yes, you can purchase each service separately, so hiring the cooling only is possible. We will install and collect it again (it is not possible to do this yourself). The costs for this are EUR 350. You can, of course, always call if you have any questions.

How are the costs made transparent?

We will discuss your wishes during our initial visit and within 24 hours, you will receive a provisional cost overview. This contains a breakdown of costs that are already known and an estimate of the costs that are still unknown. Whenever there are changes, the overview is updated and sent to you. After the funeral, you will receive a final cost overview of the actual costs incurred and hours worked.

How much time does ima spend on the various services?

The enclosed example states the average time we spend on the various services. This gives you an idea of how many hours are charged.

Are baby funerals reimbursed by a funeral insurance company?

If you have a funeral insurance policy, unborn children are often co-insured free of charge. Your health insurance is intended for medical care only, for example in the hospital, but this does not cover funeral expenses. The overview below shows which funeral insurance reimburses what expenses, if ima afscheidszorg arranges the funeral. Please note that no rights can be derived from this overview.

Funeral insurance

ima arranges the funeral


Reimburses the full sum insured


Taken over by Ardanta


Reimburses 75% of the funeral costs in the case of package insurance and 100% in the case of a freely disposal amount 


Reimburses €2,500 in the event of death after 20 weeks of pregnancy, or the highest sum insured of one of the parents.


Reimburses €2953,00

Reimburses a service package if Dela arranges the funeral


Reimburses 20% of the insured value in the event of death after 20 weeks of pregnancy, subject to a maximum of €1200


For policies taken out after 15/07/2009, it reimburses 5% of the sum insured of the parents in the event of death between 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.
After 20 weeks and stillborn: 25% of the sum insured of the parents, subject to a maximum of €2,500.
Born alive and subsequently deceased: 50% of the sum insured of the parents, subject to a maximum of €2,500.
For policies taken out before 15/07/2009, the benefit when stillborn depends on the policy.


A leniency scheme of €2,400